Readymix Concrete

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Readymix Concrete is manufactured at our plan in Kildare. It has a wide range of applications from housing, agriculture, commercial, retail and large infrastructural projects. Our current capacity is 1000 cubic metres per day. Our manufacturing facility uses the highest quality aggregate, produced either in our own Quarry. We can deliver the readymix concrete to your building site ready pumping into its final position.

Readymix concrete is one of the most cost-effective and versatile materials available and has benefits which include fire resistance, durability, sound insulation, strength, low maintenance, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. At Goode Concrete we use Low Carbon Concrete which is stronger, looks better, more durable and results in significant lower CO2 emissions.

We can also customise our readymix concrete, from adding water reducing agents, to accelerators, plasticizers and air-entraining agents. We also supply fibre reinforced concrete and colour pigmented concrete.

Pumpmix concrete is also available from Goode Concrete. A number of our readymix trucks have been fitted with conveyors and can place concrete quickly and efficiently where truck access is not available, or where there is height involved.

Goode Readymix Concrete operate to I.S. E.N. 206-1:2007 standards and always guarantee our customers a top quality product and service.

For more information on our Readymix Concrete products, kindly contact our Kildare or Dublin offices directly.

Our range of Readymix includes :

Foam concrete

Pumpable concrete

Lean mixes

Kerb mixes

Waterproof concrete

Polypropylene fibres

High workability concrete

Self compacting concrete

Road foam

Retarded concrete

Sulphate resisting concrete

Blended mixes

Early strength concrete

Recycled aggregates available if required

Mixes suitable for Concrete Printing

Coloured Concrete Range